Project Estimation

Industry specific project estimation is a biggest challenge for successful project outcome. The common factors that deviates the outcome is Lack of Communication, organizing, Poor Planning, In correct Estimation, undefined Parameters, attributes many other Characteristics.

Estimation Approach: Estimation process:
SDLC Estimation Resource Activity
Estimating techniques Duration of Activity
Characteristics and Outcome Cost Activity
Estimation challenges Size And Approach
Best practices Attributes and Constraints

Our Service:

Our In-House Industry specific project estimators selects the right tools and technologies to build the best software more quicker and cost effective. We also provide cost effective resources and training on necessary tools and technologies used to build the project.

We make it deliver development more reliable and cost effective. Methodologies we use to deliver our client success in a way to differentiate the competition. We can help you Collect, Analyze Historic Data to Implement customized estimating service to meet client needs.

Services Include:

  • Node point estimation
  • Function point Analysis
  • Quality, Productivity
  • Risk Assessment
  • Implementing Factor
  • Deliver Uncertainty